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Our tools

SYMATOP offers a range of innovative tools and decision desk.
By a greater awareness of its human wealth, they can have a situation, organize and use information to create an effective action for your compagny.

Explore our range of tools "decision desk"

Our tools highlight all the skills, opinions, views, man, team or company to advance.
They are defined as media intervention and diagnosis by proposing a concrete action plan and operational.

Our individuals products

Because you want to use products which have the ethical, human, educational fundamental in the management of Human Resources ...… Because to recruit, train, evaluate, lead, coach, etc.. You need results faithful to reality, devoid of value judgments, not catalogs, reliable and proven … Because what matters to you is to evolve, grow people taking into account the diversity of personalities, experiences, skills …

… SYMATOP offers tools objectives and operational decision support dedicated to Human Resources.

… Each type of post is a tool that is available in the following applications of TopProfile©… TopProfile© is a simulation exercise that provides a detailed description of brain and behavioral preferences of a person deal with situations encountered in his professional world.

Our collective products

Solving a problem is at the heart of the business and its implementation depends on the involvement and support of his actors …

To find concrete answers to your problems strategic marketing, operational ...

... We distribute manuals or tools that help you explore various options to analyze the mechanisms of decisions, their consequences and to reduce the risk of errors.

In uncertain environments where information you have are approximate and exogenous, our collective tools in modeling the cognitive functions of decision-making and simultaneously taking into account all points of view, expectations, needs, mental, opinions d a group of individuals or a team :

• Facilitate and reinforce your decisions
• Offer solutions
• Identify risks and potential
• Implement an effective action plan and operational
• Promote understanding and ownership decisions
• Provide elements of strategic analysis
• Ensure the completeness of initial diagnosis

Our tools collective introduce quantifiable and impartiality in areas where prevailing uncertainty and subjectivity…