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Testimonial by Marc Gabriel Boyer: Future issues regarding Decision Aid Tools

Marc Gabriel Boyer is I.T. Lecturer at Paul Sabatier University, member of the "Management and Knowledge" laboratory and specialises in knowledge bases. Heavily involved in numerous research projects and a (...)

Testimonial by Vincent Mousseau on Decision-Aid Systems

Vincent Mousseau, Researcher, Professor at the Ecole Centrale Paris (ECP), in charge of the Master’s Research "O.S.I.L." Specialty (Optimisation of Industrial & Logistic Systems) throws light on the notion of (...)

Testimonial by Pierre-Yves RACCAH: Communication, language and knowledge. What does our speech reflect?

Pierre-Yves RACCAH is a researcher at CNRS, Director of Research at the University of Limoges and the University of Paris 3 (New Sorbonne), and member of CeReS (Centre de Recherche en Sémiotique Limoges Research (...)

Testimonial by Lionel FLEURY: The power of words, communication and the new media. Are we a digital civilisation?

Lionel FLEURY, Doctor of Geophysics and former ENA (National Academy of Administration) student has been the CEO of AFP (Agence France-Presse) and director of numerous companies, including France Telecom, Alcatel, (...)

Testimonial by Eugène BERG, French Ambassador: Setting out to explore the world and other cultures

Eugène BERG, eminent French ambassador, eloquently recounts his diplomatic missions in far-off lands. He recalls his experiences and his encounters with other cultures, values and ways of life. His plentiful travels, (...)